Our Experiences with Slips and Trips Claims

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Our Experiences with Slips and Trips Claims

Man injured at work receives out of court settlement

A man from Manchester who sustained a wrist injury when he fell at work won £40,000 from his employer. The gentleman in question slipped on fluid that had been leaking from a machine in the factory where he worked. The textile manufacturer was taken to hospital, where it was found he had badly fractured his wrist, and injured the upper part of his body.

He underwent two lots of surgery in an attempt to fix his fractured wrist, but even after physiotherapy, the injury continued to bother him. His damaged wrist prevented him from going back to work, and he relied on his family for support for over four months. His injury has also made it difficult for him to find work within his current trade. After contacting Fentons, the client’s employer admitted full liability and settled out of court.

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Woman in seventies receives compensation for supermarket fall

A Fentons’ client was injured in a supermarket when she was knocked over by a member of the company’s staff. As unlikely as it sounds, the elderly lady slipped as the tall and well-built man rushed by. During the incident her hip and wrist were broken, and she was promptly taken to hospital for treatment.

Unfortunately her condition continued to worsen over the following months and she underwent three operations to try to restore feeling to her hand. Even after physiotherapy, the treatment was unsuccessful and she now lives in severe discomfort – both from her wrist and hip. Her injuries severely limited her independence, and for this reason she sought help from Fentons Solicitors. When confronted with a lawyer, the supermarket admitted liability, and the woman was awarded £25,000 in compensation.

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