Serious Injury Claims

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Serious Injury Claims

Fentons Solicitors is one of the country's leading claimant personal injury law firms, recovering tens of millions of pounds worth of compensation for claimants every year. For more than 80 years, we have specialised in providing help, support and expert advice to those who have sustained a serious injury.

We cover serious injury claims in the following areas:

After a spinal injury, a head and brain injury, an injury which leads to amputation, or fatal injuries arising from an accident, the immediate priority is to ensure appropriate support – be that physical, emotional, practical or financial.

Fentons has a specialist personal injury team that understands this and is dedicated to pursuing compensation claims on behalf of claimants who sustain life changing injuries. The team includes leading national experts with many years' experience of handling complex cases.

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We work closely with national special interest groups and charitable organisations to ensure that the latest guidelines are always considered when handling complex cases involving serious injury. We ensure that early rehabilitation is considered at the earliest opportunity and that appropriate support, counselling and advice on financial matters is sought for claimants and their families.

Our experienced, highly-skilled team of personal injury specialists has earned an unrivalled reputation for providing a caring and empathetic service which treats you as an individual and offers all the help, advice and support you will need.

The video below is the Fentons Solicitors advertisement currently being aired on national television.

Through our Client's Charter, we seek to ensure the highest possible standards of client care and deliver clients the very best service combined with total peace of mind.

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