Our Experiences with Road Accident Claims

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Our Experiences with Road Accident Claims

See Fentons Solicitors’ past experience in working with road accident claims.

Fentons wins compensation for pedestrian

A client struck by a car while crossing the road was awarded £174,000 in compensation.  The man, in his early forties, was left with no memory or knowledge of the incident. His injuries were so severe he was given only a 10% survival rate - his blood loss was almost fatal, and a team of 15 medical staff were required to rebuild his shattered pelvis.

During the course of his rehabilitation, the client got in touch with Fentons to help him win the case for compensation. It took 3 years, and intense negotiations on the client’s behalf before an agreement could be reached. The settlement will go towards supporting the client as he continues to manage his pain and work towards a normal standard of living

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Recognition for road accident victim who was made to wait for treatment

Fentons helped to secure a victory for a father of two who, after suffering serious and permanent injuries in a car accident, was made to wait for treatment as the defendant refused to admit culpability.

The extent of his injuries meant that expensive rehabilitation treatment was necessary, and it took a full five months of therapy before he was able to resume his work. The fact that the motorist concerned would not accept responsibility for his debilitating injuries was a factor of extreme emotional and financial stress.

With Fentons’ expert help, a counterclaim by the defending party was rejected, and liability was accepted. The client received not only £250,000 in compensation for injuries sustained during the collision, but also full reimbursement for the rehabilitative treatment he had previously undertaken. 

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