Woman who lost leg when hit by car appeals for witnesses

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Woman who lost leg when hit by car appeals for witnesses

10th December 2009

A woman who needed to have a leg amputated after she was struck by a car while out shopping is appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward.

Jean Murrell, 54, of Elton, suffered horrific injuries when a silver Citroen C4 car ploughed into her and pinned her against a wall in Newerne Street, Lydney, on the morning of 9 October this year.

Mrs Murrell was airlifted to Bristol's Frenchay Hospital where she underwent hours of emergency treatment for injuries including a fractured pelvis, multiple fractures of the left leg and serious damage to the left knee.

Her right leg was so badly damaged that she had to have it amputated from a point 10cm above the knee.

"The ordeal that Jean and her husband David are going through is unimaginable," said Mark Thomson, a personal injury specialist with Fentons Solicitors, representing the couple. "Jean was simply walking along the pavement when she was hit by this car, and now her life will never be the same."

Mr Thomson said that members of Gloucestershire Constabulary's Road Policing Unit are still investigating what caused the incident, which occurred just after 10.30am on Friday 9 October.

"Jean remembers walking along the pavement that morning," said Mr Thomson. "She believes she saw a number of vehicles driving on the road - then she remembers seeing the silver car mounting the kerb and coming towards her."

"As it hit her she thought she would be hurled over the bonnet, but instead the car carried her and pinned her against the wall of an estate agents. She heard a loud bang and remembers screaming out because she was in such terrible pain," said Mr Thomson. "She then shut her eyes and the next thing that she remembers is someone holding her head."

Mr Murrell, 56, raced to be with his wife at the scene, and he is now continually at her hospital bedside.

"The physical injuries Jean sustained in this incident are truly horrific, but the psychological turmoil has also been immense," said Mr Thomson.

"These injuries and the psychological scars will require years of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and we desperately need to ensure finances are in place to fund the various treatments and facilities the Murrells will need over the coming years," said Mr Thomson.

"We urgently need anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward and help us piece together exactly what happened, so that we can help Jean and David secure the help they need to begin rebuilding their lives."

Can you help?
If you remember seeing the incident in Newerne Street, Lydney, at around 10.30am on Friday, 9 October 2009, please contact Polly Fletcher at Fentons Solicitors LLP on 0161 238 6402 or e-mail polly.fletcher@fentons.co.uk.