Uninsured drivers on the rise – but you can still recover compensation

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Uninsured drivers on the rise – but you can still recover compensation

2nd October 2009

As new research suggests there are almost 2 million uninsured drivers on UK roads, leading legal specialists are reminding motorists they can still pursue a compensation claim if they are involved in an accident with someone driving without insurance.

Research revealed this week by the Motor Insurers' Bureau - which compensates people in accidents with uninsured drivers - estimates over 1.7m people drove without cover in 2008. But personal injury specialists at Fentons Solicitors are not surprised by the high figure.

"For years we have dealt with accident claims involving uninsured drivers," said Fentons partner Matthew Evans. "Whilst insurance is there to protect other drivers on the road as well as the individual, we have noticed more and claims being made where the other driver has not been insured."

He said the fact that someone is uninsured can complicate the process of claiming, but it does not prevent an injured party pursuing a compensation claim through the Motor Insurer's Bureau.

"It seems grossly unfair that a motorist who has done nothing wrong could suffer an injury which causes them pain and suffering - and potentially lost earnings - but is unable to recover damages because an individual was uninsured," said Matthew. "We have an excellent record of pursuing successful compensation claims in incidents like these, where the other party has no insurance policy in place.

"This is really about what's fair and proper - after all, it is the motorist who is affected by an accident and it is only right that they are able to claim a fair amount of compensation."

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Fentons has a specialist department experienced in handling claims for victims of road traffic accidents and incidents involving uninsured drivers.

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