Toyota apology for accidents opens door to claims

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Toyota apology for accidents opens door to claims

24th February 2010

The top boss of car manufacturer Toyota has said he is "deeply sorry" for the accidents caused by faults in the production of vehicles that has led to a worldwide recall.

In a statement delivered to US Congress, Toyota President Akio Toyoda admitted the firm may have grown "too quick" and "priorities became confused," as he explained that the slip in standards was a result of the company's massive expansion.

Sam Harmel, a defective product specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the apology was a clear indication that the car giant was accepting responsibility for the issues which are believed to have contributed to many accidents, including the death of a family of four in America.

"The accelerator and braking faults have been widely reported, ultimately leading to the recall of 8.5 million vehicles worldwide," said Sam, a partner with the firm.

"Mr Toyoda's statement today is a sign that the company has every intention of facing up to the potentially massive number of claims it may face from people involved in accidents as a result of issues with the vehicles themselves.

"We have already spoken with one client who believes a problem with his car's brake system led to him suffering injury in an accident, and the chances are he is not the only one affected by issues such as these."

The acceleration problems with Toyota vehicles have been linked to at least five US deaths, and American authorities are reportedly investigating the circumstances of 29 other fatal accidents.
The seven models being recalled in Europe are the Aygo, iQ, Yaris, Auris, Corolla, Verso, and Avensis, and cover manufacturing dates going back to February 2005. The recall of the 2010 Prius and two other hybrids affected 437,000 cars across the world, and around 8,500 in the UK.

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Source - Sky News