Students urged to speak up about safety

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Students urged to speak up about safety

13th August 2009

Students taking on summer jobs in the hospitality trade are being urged to speak up about safety hazards in the workplace.

As hotels, pubs and restaurants take on students keen to earn extra cash through the holidays, North West co-ordinator of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), Bridget Collier, says students must not be afraid to speak out if they are asked to carry out unsafe tasks, or are asked to work in hazardous conditions.

"Environments such as pub kitchens can be a hotbed for safety hazards, and we are concerned that young people who are only employed for a few months through the holidays, will be afraid to speak up if they feel their safety is at risk," said Bridget, a partner with personal injury specialists Fentons Solicitors LLP.

"There are some rogue employers who don't put the safety of their employees at the top of the agenda, but the reality is that they have a responsibility to protect them regardless of whether they are temporary or not.

"Injuries can and should be avoided in the first place," said Bridget. "Employers have no right to put a worker's safety at risk no matter how busy they are. We would advise all workers not to do anything which they think may put them in danger, and not to be afraid to speak up if they are at all concerned."

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