Statement issued on behalf of family of Rebecca Smith

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Statement issued on behalf of family of Rebecca Smith

19th June 2013

Following the conclusion of the trial of Mohammed Idrees at Preston Crown Court today (19 June 2013), Jenny Keith of Fentons Solicitors LLP, issued the following statement on behalf of Nicola Smith. Mrs Smith’s 15-year-old daughter Rebecca was killed when she was hit by the taxi being driven by Mr Idrees on Sunday 18 September 2011.

“Mrs Smith and her family have been left devastated by the loss of Rebecca, a beautiful young woman who had her whole life ahead of her,” said Mrs Keith. “Rebecca was a very happy, giggly girl, a loved and loving daughter whose favourite thing in the world was to go horse-riding.

“They have been robbed of the future they had looked forward to spending with Rebecca, and this terrible incident has left everyone who knew and loved Rebecca in a state of shock and disbelief.

“Mrs Smith is angry and disappointed that following the evidence presented in Court, a jury did not find this man guilty of taking her only daughter’s life through his actions. Her family feels they – and Rebecca - have been denied justice.”

Following the verdict Mrs Keith, a partner with Fentons Solicitors, confirmed she is representing Mrs Smith in a civil claim against Mr Idrees.

“Whilst hugely disappointed with today’s verdict, Mrs Smith said that if any good can come of this horrific ordeal, it would be to serve as a stark reminder that a lack of care and attention on the road can cause the death of others and the destruction of lives,” said Mrs Keith.

“As we consider our next course of action, it would be inappropriate to offer any further comment,” she said, “and we would request that the media respect the family’s privacy at this time.”