Statement following inquest into death of Erjon Hyseni

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Statement following inquest into death of Erjon Hyseni

31st January 2012

An inquest has today (Tues 31 Jan) ruled that toddler Erjon Hyseni was hit and killed by a rollercoaster after apparently slipping through a gap in a fence at a north London fair.

Erjon died after making his way into the path of the Go-Gator ride at a fair at Ducketts Common in Wood Green on May 12, 2009.

Following the narrative verdict at North London Coroner’s Court, Barnet, solicitor Matthew Clayton, a partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP, issued the following statement on behalf of Erjon’s parents, Lulzim Hyseni and Migena Kociu.

“After a long and arduous struggle, Erjon’s parents welcome the verdict and findings of the jury regarding the responsibility of the fairground operators, Mannings Amusements - particularly those referring to the safety and security of the rides on that day.

“Whilst the loss of a child is a devastating tragedy that any family would struggle to recover from, Erjon’s parents and family feel that the process of grieving has been compounded by the protracted disputes relating to the facts of what actually happened to cause Erjon’s death in May 2009.

“Finally, the facts can be set out publicly. The evidence established that Erjon - who was only 2 years and 7 months old at the time of his death - was improperly supervised by the staff at the fair, both in the bouncy castle areas where he had been playing and as he moved from there through a gap in the fences which were supposed to prevent access to the rollercoaster for youngsters known as the ‘Go-Gator’.

“The jury rejected several witnesses’ claims that they had locked all the fences with security ties, and accepted that Erjon simply walked through a gap between two unconnected fences. It was this gap which allowed him to access the track of the rollercoaster where he suffered his fatal injuries.

“Now that the evidence has been fully tested and the findings made in accordance with the case that was consistently put by Erjon’s family, it is hoped that the legal teams representing fairground operators Joseph and Charles Manning will finally concede liability for the purposes of any future civil claim.

“Now that the inquest is over, Erjon’s parents wish to place on the record their concerns about the handling of the incident from the moment it occurred to the conclusion of this inquest. The delay has been intolerable.

“Added to this has been the unfortunate pain caused by the destruction of Erjon’s clothing, which the family repeatedly requested be returned to them. Further, crucial evidence was also destroyed by police without the authority of the supervising officer. These problems only served to compound the enormity of the traumatic ordeal that Lulzim and Migena have been forced to endure.

“They have lost their son, and while no court decisions can return their child to them, we nevertheless hope that today’s verdict will help as we continue the fight for more answers and to hold to account those responsible for the failings which we believe caused this tragedy.”


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