Spotlight falls on workplace safety as crane overturns

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Spotlight falls on workplace safety as crane overturns

19th March 2010

A steelworker from Rotherham was lucky to escape with only minor injuries after the crane he was operating overturned.

Although the crane had been fitted with 'safe working load' alarms, because the driver had not been trained to use them they were not switched on. Unfortunately, this meant that when the crane became overloaded, no alarms sounded and it tipped over.

The Health and Safety Executive prosecuted Steelmaker Corus UK Ltd, one of Europe's biggest manufacturers. They were fined £100,000 as a result of the incident.

"This case highlights the importance of comprehensive staff training and strict risk assessment," said Karl Tonks, an accident at work specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "Employers have a duty to ensure effective systems are in place to avoid accidents such as these. The worker involved was incredibly lucky not to have been more seriously injured. He could easily have been killed.

"It is not enough to simply provide staff with safety tools," said Karl, a partner with the firm. "They must be given thorough training on how to use them and how to react should anything go wrong. We are seeing this kind of incident all too often, and if adequate measures are not in place someone may get seriously hurt."

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Source - HSE