Serious ski injuries can be reduced by wearing a helmet

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Serious ski injuries can be reduced by wearing a helmet

4th February 2010

A new scientific study showing that helmets reduce the risk of head injuries among skiers and snowboarders by 35 per cent, has been welcomed by a holiday injury legal specialist.

Researchers from the University of Calgary found that helmets protected the brain from injury without causing an increase in neck problems, which had been suggested by some earlier studies.

"We're delighted with the findings, which were published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal," said Phillipa Roberts, a holiday injury claims expert with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "For years, we have dealt with cases involving holidaymakers who have been seriously injured after falling while skiing or snowboarding.

"Skiers and snowboarders know that while the sport can be among the most enjoyable activities, it will never be entirely without risk. Now there is scientific proof that wearing a helmet is the easiest way to increase their level of safety and allow them to concentrate on having fun on the slopes."

The analysis of 12 studies conducted across Europe, Asia and North America concluded that the use of helmets could significantly protect against head injuries among skiers and snowboarders, claiming that risks of head injury could be reduced by 35 per cent.

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Source - Telegraph