Safety on Cumbrian building sites cause even more concerns

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Safety on Cumbrian building sites cause even more concerns

24th March 2010

Just one week after poor safety conditions on construction sites hit the headlines again, more than a quarter of building sites visited by inspectors in Cumbria have also failed safety inspections.

Health and Safety Executive inspectors spent two days carrying out checks at 45 construction sites across the region, issuing 14 enforcement notices at 12 sites to either stop work immediately or make further improvements before work could continue.

"Yet again, the majority of the enforcement notices concerned unsafe work being carried out at height," said Karl Tonks, a work accident specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "Despite recent news reports and the HSE launching a campaign to improve awareness of issues regarding working at height, the message is just not getting through to some construction companies.

"Construction is one of Britain's most dangerous industries, with five deaths and 1,339 serious injuries in the North West during the last year," said Karl. "While the industry as a whole continues to be a target of safety campaigns, there are just far too many paying scant regard to the regulations that have been put in place to protect workers," he said.

"The heavy fines now faced by some of those who have been identified in this latest series of inspections might act as a wake-up call for others to start paying more attention to the issue."

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Source - HSE