Safety expert blasts “hooligan” rock throwers

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Safety expert blasts “hooligan” rock throwers

1st July 2010

A road safety specialist has branded a gang of hooded youths as "hooligans" after they were caught on CCTV hurling rocks from a motorway bridge on to traffic passing below.

Martin James, a legal expert who for many years has represented victims injured in serious road collisions, described the footage as "chilling."

"The CCTV footage was recorded on a stretch of the M1 motorway, and is simply horrifying," said Martin, a partner with the firm. "According to reports, this is just one of several incidents apparently involving the gang."

He said on one occasion an ambulance had its windscreen smashed as it passed under a bridge in the Luton area while taking a patient to hospital. Another incident involved a missile smashing the windscreen of a passing lorry, sending shards of broken glass flying into the driver's eyes as he drove on the M1 in Bedfordshire.

"It is believed there have been as many as eight similar incidents of rocks being thrown at drivers on the M1, with a number of drivers suffering eye injuries," he said. "This behaviour is absolute lunacy. The speed people travel on the motorway means they have little chance of avoiding any object coming towards them, let alone dropped from above," he said. "These hooligans are clearly intent on causing a major accident."

Police are currently investigating whether other incidents could be linked to the same gang after two lorry drivers reported being attacked in May this year. The youngsters caught on camera are described as being white boys aged between about 13 and 15.

Bedfordshire police have set up a direct line for anyone with information on the incidents or the youths involved. The number is 01582 304491.

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Source - Sky News