Road accident specialist “appalled” by bus driver caught reading

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Road accident specialist “appalled” by bus driver caught reading

22nd April 2010

A legal specialist in road traffic collision injuries has blasted the actions of a bus driver apparently caught reading a book while at the wheel.

The National Express driver was suspended after a passenger filmed him holding a small book while driving along a dual carriageway in Birmingham this week.

Martin James, a partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP who specialises in serious injuries arising from road accidents, said it is a miracle that nobody was injured as a result of the driver's actions.

"The video footage shows the driver steering with his elbows while clearly holding a book," said Martin. "It's astonishing that someone driving any vehicle should think it was perfectly acceptable to read at the same time. But for a bus driver to do so - someone who is responsible for all of his passengers as well as motorists in significantly smaller vehicles all around him - is just appalling."

A spokesman for the driver's employer has said that immediate action was taken to suspend the driver, and he will now face disciplinary action.

"Lack of care and attention behind the wheel can prove disastrous for all motorists," said Martin. "We have dealt with thousands of cases where drivers, passengers, bikers and cyclists have been seriously injured or killed because someone was not paying the proper attention when driving.

"This individual has displayed a gross lack of responsibility, and it is only good fortune that the results of his actions did not lead to a tragedy on the road," he said."

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Source - BBC News