Plea for witnesses to help Troy’s five year fight for justice

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Plea for witnesses to help Troy’s five year fight for justice

15th July 2010

The mother of a Blackfield schoolboy knocked over outside his school five years ago has made an appeal for anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward.

Troy Brooks was just 11 when he was hit by an R-reg blue Peugeot 306 whilst crossing the road on Hampton Lane near Blackfield Junior School in Blackfield, Southampton, at 3:20pm on the afternoon of Wednesday 22 June 2005. Now, more than five years later, Troy and his mother are still fighting for compensation after the injuries he sustained left him suffering from permanent exhaustion as well as mood-swings and low energy levels.

Anya Rupal, the personal injury specialist lawyer representing Troy, said the family now urgently needed anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward if Troy is to receive the compensation to which he is entitled. "Troy is lucky to be alive," said Ms Rupal, a road traffic collision injury expert at Fentons Solicitors LLP. "He sustained head injuries that included a shattered left eye-socket and bleeding to his brain. Doctors had to place him in an induced coma for 10 days to aid his recovery.

"He required emergency surgery - his injuries were so serious that a priest was summoned to the hospital and his parents were warned to expect the worst."

Ms Rupal said Troy's earliest memory following the accident was waking up in hospital with his family around him. "He said he could not remember anything from the week before the accident up to when he woke up in hospital three weeks later," she said. "He was told that he had celebrated his eleventh birthday the week before the accident, but he could not remember any details."

Following surgery Troy received intensive treatment in hospital, undergoing a bone graft from his hip and having to learn how to walk again. He was discharged from hospital in a wheelchair after several weeks, but had to miss the start of his school term after being re-admitted with breathing difficulties due to complications arising from being intubated for ten days. Troy continues to suffer from the physical and emotional effects of the accident today.

Ms Rupal said she was anxious to trace anyone who witnessed the incident or was at the scene immediately afterwards, as they could have vital information to help Troy's case.

"The driver stopped the car immediately following the incident," said Ms Rupal. "Troy had landed next to the passenger side of the car, and was lying unconscious in the road, near to the pavement in the dip of the driveway which leads into the church car park on Hampton Lane, opposite Blackfield Junior School.

"Even if the driver had been travelling within the speed limit, the car hit Troy with such force that it caused a 40cm shattered bullseye effect on the windscreen," said Ms Rupal. "Our concern is whether the driver was aware that children were leaving school for the day and whether adequate measures were taken to modify their speed and apply precautionary braking."

Troy's mother Rona Brooks recalled how she had raced to the scene when she was told Troy had been injured. "There were a couple of doctors and a nurse who had come to help Troy from the surgery nearby," she said. "I remember there was huge commotion and there were people everywhere."

Although five years have since passed and Troy has just finished his GCSEs, Ms Brooks said he has experienced numerous problems as a result of the accident. "He has scarring on his face and body, and he is especially self-conscious about the scarring on his nose," she said. "He is also very conscious about the fact that his left eye appears markedly different to his right."

Ms Brooks said the family was now hoping anyone who might have any helpful information about the incident will come forward and help as they fight for compensation to help Troy overcome his injuries in the future. "There were so many people there, somebody must have seen something," said Ms Brooks. "I would urge them to come forward with their information - no matter how small or insignificant they think it might be," she said. "If anyone remembers anything or saw what happened on that morning, please come forward and help my son."

Can you help?
If you remember seeing the incident near Blackfield Junior School, Hampton Lane, Blackfield, at around 3:20pm on Wednesday 22 June 2005, please contact Anya Rupal at Fentons Solicitors LLP on 0844 893 6783 or e-mail All information will be treated in the strictest confidence, and any detail could be hugely important to this case.

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