Plane passengers injured after dramatic Thomas Cook engine explosion

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Plane passengers injured after dramatic Thomas Cook engine explosion

29th July 2013

Several British holidaymakers have begun claims for compensation after being injured when an engine on their plane exploded seconds before take-off.

Victoria Bysh, a specialist  holiday claims lawyer at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said passengers were terrified when the right engine of the Airbus A330-200 suddenly blew up as they were preparing to leave Manchester Airport last month.

See dramatic footage of the incident on Youtube.

“We are currently acting for a number of holidaymakers who were on board the Thomas Cook Flight TCX314, flying from Manchester to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic,on 24 June 2013,” said Victoria. “After taxiing to its take-off position, the plane - which was carrying 325 passengers - had just begun accelerating down the runway when flames and billowing black smoke suddenly shot out of its right engine.

“Passengers have described how when the engine blew up, there was a tremendous bang followed by a massive jolt as the plane skidded to a halt,” said Victoria. “When the plane braked, everyone was thrown forwards and back in their seats and it was this violent jerking motion that seems to have caused so many passengers to suffer painful injuries to their necks and shoulders.”

Victoria said that the passengers waited at Manchester for five hours and were then moved onto another plane to complete their journey. “Although they reached their destination, several passengers have said their holidays were completely ruined as they spent much of their trip in an awful amount of pain,” she said.

"Since returning to the UK after their holidays, the passengers we are representing are still suffering ongoing neck, back and shoulder pain, more than a month after the incident. Under UK law, airlines are strictly liable for any injuries sustained by passengers on board their aircraft, and it is only fair that the airline is held to account."

Have you been affected?

Were you one of the passengers on flight TCX314, flying from Manchester to Punta Cana on 24 June 2013? Fentons has a specialist department experienced in handling claims relating to holiday injuries.

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