Personal injury specialists welcome rule change

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Personal injury specialists welcome rule change

4th September 2009

Fentons Solicitors has welcomed a change to the rules governing motor accident claims, which now affords children and disabled individuals the same rights to pursue compensation as everyone else.

The rule change is a result of a recent Court of Appeal ruling in the case of Byrne v Secretary of State for Transport. The Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) has entered into a supplementary agreement dated 30 December 2008, which allows - in respect of accidents occurring on or after 1 February 2009 - a claim to be brought by a minor or person under a disability within the same limitation periods as would apply to a personal injury claim in the civil courts.

"This is a welcome move by the MIB," said Kieran Maguire, senior partner at Fentons Solicitors LLP. "We have long been anticipating this rule change, and it will open up several opportunities for those injured in accidents to pursue the compensation to which they are entitled, but have previously been unable to do so."

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has written to all its members - including Fentons - to announce the change to the rules. The letter also explains that the MIB will also reconsider those cases previously rejected under the Untraced Drivers Agreement, and will also consider other claims not previously notified which could not have been brought because of the application of the three year limitation period.

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