Parents warned baby slings may be unsafe

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Parents warned baby slings may be unsafe

26th March 2010

Parents are being warned that two popular baby slings sold in the UK might pose a suffocation risk to their children.

Around 10,000 SlingRider and Wendy Bellissimo slings made by American firm Infantino are believed to have been sold to British customers. But this week the manufacturer issued an urgent recall when the slings - used to carry babies and infants close to the parent's body - were linked to three deaths in the US.

Sam Harmel, a legal expert specialising in defective product cases, said parents have been advised to stop using the slings immediately.

"A recall like this should always be taken seriously," said Sam, a partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "The American Consumer Product Safety Commission - the equivalent of the UK's Trading Standards Institute - has said that babies could actually suffocate in the soft fabric slings."

Sam said the CPSC had earlier issued a warning about the general use of baby slings. "The report suggested that they posed a potential suffocation risk to infants, especially smaller babies under four months," he said.

"Babies with a lower birth weight, or those who were born prematurely or had breathing problems such as colds, were also identified as at a greater risk," he said.

The CPSC has identified or is investigating at least 14 deaths in the last 20 years associated with baby slings, three of which occurred last year and have been linked to Infantino slings.

"While slings have brought comfort to parents and children around the world for many years, a recall of this nature gives pause for serious thought," said Sam.

"The advice to anyone who has one of the slings subject to this recall is that they should stop using it immediately," he said.

Infantino is now replacing all of the slings involved in the recall. To find out how, or for more information about these slings, follow the instructions at

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Source - Sky News