NHS criticised for poor standard of care in new report

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NHS criticised for poor standard of care in new report

8th February 2010

A report published by the National Audit Office claims hundreds of people who suffer serious injuries are dying as a result of poor care.

The report, which found the death rate in England for major trauma patients is 20% higher than in the United States, also concluded that services had barely improved over the past two decades - despite repeated calls for reform.

Daniel Lee, a clinical negligence specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said he hoped the changes now underway to help transform the emergency service would soon address this statistic.

"This report concludes there is little sign of progress, citing recent evidence that a large proportion of cases have not been handled well," said Daniel, a partner with the firm. "As personal injury specialists, we see a number of people who have suffered some form of injury or illness as a result of receiving poor treatment. But making changes to the system could help to improve the overall service and increase the number of lives that could be saved," he said.

The analysis found survival rates varied significantly from hospital to hospital, and that between 450 and 600 lives could be saved each year in England if major trauma care was managed more effectively.

"The statistics revealed in this report demonstrate yet again why further investment in the health service is so vital," said Daniel.

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Source - BBC