New scheme uses simulator to increase road awareness

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New scheme uses simulator to increase road awareness

12th April 2010

A legal expert has welcomed a new road safety initiative which lets teenagers experience a simulated car crash.

Deborah Johnson, a serious injury specialist at Fentons Solicitors, said the new Safer Roads Humber campaign would give young drivers a better understanding of the dangers they face on the roads.

Aimed at reducing the number of fatalities on Britain's roads, the scheme lets volunteers from across Yorkshire take a seat in the modified Vauxhall Astra - known as the iCar - to experience a simulated journey where the car comes off the road and hits a tree. Whilst a film of the journey plays in the 'windscreen', hydraulics in the car simulates the journey and subsequent crash, providing a full sensory experience. The volunteers will then speak to a road safety professional to discuss strategies to deal with the scenario presented to them.

"The iCar is a great idea," said Deborah, a partner at the firm who specialises in road traffic collision injury cases. "Statistics show that drivers between 17 and 25 are more likely to die in a road traffic collision than from any other cause and this simulator will give younger people greater awareness of road safety issues."

Drink and drug driving, wearing a seatbelt and using mobile phones are additional topics discussed during the simulation.

"The experience will also give passengers more confidence to speak up if they are being made to feel unsafe by how the car is being driven," said Deborah, a trustee of road safety charity Brake. "If the campaign is successful in Yorkshire I would hope that young drivers throughout the country will be given the opportunity to learn an important lesson from the iCar.

"There are still far too many road traffic deaths in Britain but by educating those most at risk we are making great strides to reducing this number and making our roads a safer place for everyone."

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Source - BBC