New help for industrial disease victims

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New help for industrial disease victims

11th February 2010

New proposals announced today could help the thousands of people with serious industrial diseases who miss out on compensation because they cannot trace their employers' insurance records.

Plans to create an Employers' Liability Tracing Office have been set out in a consultation paper which, according to the Department for Work and Pensions, would help people track down their employers' liability insurance policies. The plan also includes details of a long-awaited Employers' Liability Insurance Bureau to provide a fund for those who are unable to trace the relevant insurer.

"It takes many years after exposure to asbestos before any related disease becomes apparent, which can make finding information about the employer very difficult," said Bridget Collier, industrial disease specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "It's wrong that victims can go uncompensated because of this."

The proposed tracing office will incorporate an electronic database of employers' liability insurance policies, which should make it easier to track down these records and improve the existing tracing service.

The consultation will consider how the tracing office could be best managed and funded. It will also look at the scope of help that could be provided by an employers' liability insurance bureau, the timing of claims and how much compensation could be paid, and will also examine what more employers can do to meet their obligations to maintain employers' liability compulsory insurance.

"We hope the new ELIB and Tracing Office can help ensure victims of industrial disease finally receive the compensation they deserve," said Bridget. "We are pleased that it is finally to be considered with the consultation paper, and hope that the momentum continue whatever happens in the General Election in May."

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Source - DWP