Move to improve surgery safety welcomed

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Move to improve surgery safety welcomed

1st February 2010

Medico-legal specialists Fentons Solicitors have welcomed news that safety checklists aimed at reducing complications during surgery must now be used in all NHS hospitals.

Devised by the World Health Organisation, the checklist means surgeons will now have to double-check their patient's identity, diagnosis and proposed treatment before beginning an operation.

"This is a welcome move," said Daniel Lee, clinical negligence expert with Fentons Solicitors. "Many of our clients have endured pain and anguish caused by an error during their surgery. The introduction of this new checklist should help to reduce the number of surgical errors in UK hospitals."

Research in a number of hospitals around the globe has shown that the checklist reduces major complications and deaths by more than a third. According to the NHS National Patient Safety Agency, in 2007 there were 129,000 reported surgical errors, which resulted in severe harm to more than 1,000 patients and the deaths of 271.

The safety protocol has been inspired by the pre-flight checks routine in the airline industry. Modern aircraft and surgical techniques are too complex for the human brain to handle, and a step-by-step list of basic safety measures can prevent errors.

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Source - Sky News