Mother makes emotional appeal after Stockport hit-and-run

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Mother makes emotional appeal after Stockport hit-and-run

3rd October 2011

The mother of a Stockport man left seriously injured when he was knocked down in a hit-and-run whilst crossing the road has made an emotional appeal for witnesses to come forward.

Dale O’Malley, of Offerton, spent several weeks in intensive care and a specialist high dependency ward after he was hit by the silver-grey Peugeot 206 in Wellington Road South, Stockport, on the evening of Sunday 1 May this year.

Shocking CCTV footage of the incident was released shortly afterwards in an effort to trace the driver after they failed to stop at the scene and left the 28-year-old lying in the road. But more than four months after the terrible incident, the driver has still not been found. Now, as Mr O’Malley is released from hospital still requiring extensive care and treatment, his mother Karen is hoping anyone who knows anything about the car or the driver will come forward as the family continue to fight for justice.

“Dale has had to have a part of his skull removed, to help reduce the swelling in his brain,” said Mrs O’Malley, 50, of Milford Grove. “He has had part of his skull removed, which will have to be covered with a metal plate following surgery later this year, and he’s had to move back in with us so that we can look after him. The doctors are still unsure of the full extent of his injuries and the long-term prognosis, but he’s not the same person,” she said. “He has the most excruciating headaches and double vision. He talks slower, he is forgetful and is always extremely tired.

“Anyone who saw the CCTV pictures will have seen how unbelievable it is that the driver didn’t stop,” said Mrs O’Malley. “Dale was just crossing the road, he checked that it was clear and then as he got half way across, this driver just came out of nowhere and mowed him down.”

Despite police appealing in the media for witnesses to the terrible incident to come forward, the driver of the car has still yet to be identified. Mrs O’Malley said that by talking about the incident and its effect on Dale and her family, she was hoping to prick the conscience of anyone who might know who the driver was.

“The footage shows that the driver was a young man, and somebody somewhere knows who he is,” said Mrs O’Malley. “This person has parents, brothers and sisters, friends – other people know what he has done. If those people are protecting the driver, I just wish they could feel the pain and distress that we have endured as a family. I don’t know how they can live with themselves – it’s disgusting.”

Together with her husband John, 53, Mrs O’Malley is now permanent carer for Dale who broke his arm and leg in the collision as well as sustaining a serious head injury. “He was a fit and active young man before this happened,” said Mrs O’Malley. “He used to love football and is an avid Manchester City fan, but now even finds it difficult to concentrate on a match on TV. He also used to go to the gym regularly, but now he relies on crutches to move, or if we go out we use a wheelchair to help him get around,” she said.

Mrs O’Malley said Dale also has a seven-year-old son, whom he cannot play and interact with in the way he used to do. “I just find it all so sad,” she said. “Dale had so much to look forward to but now this driver has taken that way. I just can’t understand how a car can disappear. Somebody knows who this person is.

“For my son’s sake, and for my grandson’s sake, I hope that they can find the courage to come forward and tell us what they know.”

Richard Crabtree
, a specialist serious injury lawyer with Fentons Solicitors LLP, is representing the family.

“Dale, his parents, son, brother and sisters have all been left devastated by this incident,” he said. “Although doctors have yet to determine the full extent of Dale’s injuries and how long his recovery might take, what’s clear is that he and his family will need specialist care, help and assistance in the future.

“The shocking CCTV footage shows how Dale was thrown several feet into the air as a result of the impact,” said Mr Crabtree. “The car would have been severely damaged by the impact, and it is simply inconceivable that somebody somewhere does not know who the driver of this vehicle was,” he said.

“In order to secure the care and support that Dale and his family need now and will need over the coming weeks and months, we are urging anyone who might have helpful information about the incident to come forward,” he said.

“The slightest detail, no matter how small or insignificant they think it might be, could be hugely significant in this case.”

Can you help?
If you remember seeing the incident in Wellington Road South, Stockport, at around 11pm on Sunday, 1 May June 2011, please contact Richard Crabtree at Fentons Solicitors LLP on 0161 238 6523 or e-mail

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