Mother knocked down in drink drive incident settles £1 million claim

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Mother knocked down in drink drive incident settles £1 million claim

29th March 2010

A woman who suffered injuries to her spine, arms and legs when she was knocked down by a drunk driver, has settled her claim out of court for a gross sum of more than £1 million.

The woman, who had developed cerebral palsy in her childhood, was hit by the car while crossing a road close to her home as she returned from an evening walk to a nearby shop.

"My condition affects my movement," said the woman, who has a disabled young son. "Before the accident I was able to walk, but my balance is not perfect and I tended to walk more slowly than other people.

"As I returned home from the shop that evening I used the pedestrian crossing," she said. "My condition has rendered me blind to my right hand side. I was crossing the road and the first thing I knew about the car was when it hit me.

"I was in excruciating pain and rushed to hospital, where doctors told me I had sustained at least 15 major fractures, together with too many minor fractures to count," she said. "I also suffered injuries to my arm, head, and an impingement to my spine."

Gary Herbert, a personal injury specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the injuries were so severe that the initial consultant was unable to treat them and referred his client to a specialist.

"The injuries she sustained would have been difficult for an able-bodied person to cope with, but for someone already facing the challenges posed by cerebral palsy they were simply devastating," he said. "She has required a number of operations and spent more than three years undergoing rehabilitation treatment in the wake of the incident."

"The spinal cord injury has severely affected her ability to use her right arm, and she is still unable to look after her young son without assistance," said Gary. "She is also unable to walk without the aid of a stick and sometimes has to use a wheelchair to get around."

The driver was later charged by police and convicted of drink driving and driving without care and attention.

In March 2010 following lengthy negotiations Gary settled the claim on behalf of his client in the gross sum of just over £1,000,000.

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