More claims expected after cruise virus outbreak

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More claims expected after cruise virus outbreak

24th May 2010

A lawyer specialising in travel claims is expecting many of the passengers affected by the latest sickness outbreak on board a cruise ship to make a claim for compensation.

The suspected Norovirus outbreak on the Grand Princess - the second bout of the diarrhoea and sickness bug in successive cruises - forced the liner to dock in Southampton on Saturday. Katherine Allen, a specialist in holiday and travel claims with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said it was highly likely those affected would make a claim.

"Although the company said there were just four passengers still with active symptoms of the virus, reports suggest that around 50 people could have been affected," said Katherine, an Associate with the firm. "That's a lot of very sick, understandably unhappy people."

Princess Cruises has said the ship would be subject to 'enhanced sanitation protocols' before setting sail later.

"Many of the passengers are particularly upset that the ship was allowed to sail only 10 hours after docking following the previous cruise," said Katherine. "I think the expectation was that the liner would have been subjected to a thorough deep cleaning before taking on board any more passengers."

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Source - BBC News