Merseyside construction sites fail safety checks

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Merseyside construction sites fail safety checks

28th February 2011

A workplace accident specialist has expressed his dismay after nearly one in four construction sites in the North-West failed safety inspections.

Karl Tonks, head of the Employers' Liability department at Fentons Solicitors LLP, was commenting after Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors checked 88 Merseyside construction sites over two days and found 21 that failed to meet accepted health and safety standards.

"The fact that workers' lives were being put at risk at a quarter of the sites visited in just two days is frankly unacceptable," said Karl, a partner with the firm. "This woeful disregard for construction site regulations specifically put in place to ensure employee safety is extremely worrying."

HSE inspectors issued 22 prohibition and 21 improvement notices, of which half related to unsafe work being carried out at height, with several sites receiving more than one enforcement notice calling for work to be suspended immediately or for further improvements to be made before work could continue.

"As falls from height are the biggest single cause of workplace deaths in the UK," said Karl, "it is very disappointing that more than half of the enforcement notices issued on this occasion were due to firms apparently not taking this issue seriously enough.

"We have acted on behalf of many clients who have been seriously injured at work as a result of employers acting negligently and failing in their duty of care towards their staff," said Karl. "For the injured victims and their families these accidents can obviously be devastating. Greater risk management and adherence to legally-required health and safety standards is the key to safer workplaces. Worker safety must always be a priority."

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Source - HSE