Medico-legal expert shocked by calls to cut NHS beds

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Medico-legal expert shocked by calls to cut NHS beds

17th March 2010

A medical negligence legal expert has expressed shock and surprise at a new report suggesting the NHS should cut more than 30,000 hospital beds in an effort to improve patient care and save money.

Daniel Lee, partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP, was reacting to a report published by the think tank Reform, which claims London, the North East and the North West have a much higher number of beds and hospitals per head than other parts of the country.

The research showed that the North East currently has 40 per cent more beds than the south of England, and says each region should expect to lose over a quarter of its beds. The report states that to bring every region into line with the south would require a 32,000 cut in the total number of beds, reducing the overall number from 160,000 to around 128,000.

"The 'Fewer hospitals, more competition' study appears to agree that the NHS has been right to reduce the number of hospital beds in England by nearly half since 1987," said Daniel. "It also appears to suggest that cutting more beds would save cash and create competition which would drive up standards.

"But bed occupancy rates are already very high across the UK," he said. "This has already been identified as one of the main causes of hospital-acquired infections. I find it hard to believe that further cutting bed numbers for financial reasons would be of any benefit to patient care.

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Source - Sky News