Massive fine for Toyota could be just the beginning

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Massive fine for Toyota could be just the beginning

7th April 2010

A legal specialist has said the US government's expected record fine against car manufacturer Toyota could be followed by a number of individual claims for compensation.

Following reports that the Japanese car maker is being fined the maximum amount of $16.375m (£11m) for failing to promptly reveal safety problems with a number of its vehicles, defective products specialist Sam Harmel said the company could now face more claims from those injured in incidents involving the cars.

"Reports suggest there is evidence there was a delay in the company learning about the problem with sticking accelerators before they issued a recall," said Sam, a partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "As a result the US government has issued the maximum fine in its power, which could have a significant impact on future legal claims by drivers."

Toyota has two weeks to accept or contest the fine, which would be the largest civil penalty ever issued to a car maker by the US government.

"We've seen the number of Toyota cars recalled worldwide rise to more than eight million, with widespread reports of accidents involving sticking accelerator pedals and braking issues affecting various models," said Sam. "We have spoken to one client who believed a problem with his car's brake system led to him suffering injury in an accident.

"The chances are he is not the only one who has been affected by issues such as these," he said.

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Source - Sky News