Massey Ferguson factory worker mesothelioma compensation

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Massey Ferguson factory worker mesothelioma compensation

6th August 2015

Frank Parker was a non smoker and aged 73 when he was diagnosed with the asbestos related terminal cancer, mesothelioma in about September 2009 and suffered a painful and enduring death that included breathlessness, weight loss and various forms of treatment to provide some level of pain relief and hope.

Sadly, Frank died from the mesothelioma on 7 June 2011 but his family including son, Graham and daughter-in-law Adrienne as Executors of his Estate were determined to pursue the fight for his justice, that of his families and for those other workers that Frank worked with at Massey Ferguson.

His only known exposure to the asbestos was while working as an electrician in the 1970s for Massey Ferguson, Coventry where the roof space in the building contained pipes lagged with asbestos alongside electrical wiring.  During “shutdown” periods he was required to undertake maintenance work often in the roof space and he was required to strip out electrical cables where the asbestos was lined.  Like many other men of his era, Frank worked overtime and weekends to provide for his family.

Despite a long and drawn out battle with Massey Ferguson’s lawyers, insurers and myself after his death, the claim was successfully settled as we were able to show to the company that through other workmates statements, Frank and these other workers were exposed to asbestos during their employment with Massey Ferguson. 

Adrienne said on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, Annie Othen show on Wednesday, 16 April 2014. “It was a shock that Frank got the illness.” She went on to say about the battle between her Solicitors and the Defendant, “It was difficult because you are made to feel as though are you doing the right thing did he really get it from there…”

Lesley Mynett, a specialist industrial disease and asbestos litigation lawyer with Fentons Solicitors, part of Slater & Gordon LLP, said that “Mesothelioma is a particularly cruel and insidious disease that can take many years to develop after being exposed to asbestos. The length of time between exposure and manifestation of symptoms often leads to problems in proving a case, and because Mr Parker sadly died before he was able to tell us about all the times he had worked with asbestos over the years, we were reliant on his former colleagues to provide the information his family needed to win their fight. Thankfully, the response to our appeal was incredible.”