Man knocked down crossing road appeals for witnesses

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Man knocked down crossing road appeals for witnesses

27th May 2010

An Oxford man whose leg was broken in three places when he was knocked down while crossing the road has appealed for anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward.

The 30-year-old, who has asked not to be named, was returning home in the early morning of Saturday 27 February this year after spending the night with friends. "It was about 5am, and I was walking along Kennington Road from the direction of the milk depot, towards Oxford University, where I intended to cross the fields which would bring me out near to my home," said the man, a plasterer by trade.

"I was walking on the left-hand side of the pavement towards the bridge that crosses over the road," he said. "I looked in both directions and stepped off the kerb to cross the road. I was in the middle of the first lane of traffic when I was hit by the car."

The victim, who was wearing a black puffer-style jacket, jeans and walking boots, was thrown through the air when he was hit by a W-reg green Ford Focus car. A number of other vehicles stopped at the scene and several people came to his aid - now lawyers acting on his behalf are hoping those people or anyone else who witnessed the incident will come forward.

"The driver of the car did stop and call an ambulance to come to the assistance of my client, and several other motorists also stopped to help," said Martin James, a specialist in road collision injuries with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "But the cause of the incident is still unclear.

"The driver has said that a van coming in the opposite direction had flashed its lights at him - just before he collided with the victim in the road - and this caused him to check his dashboard to see if his lights were on," he said.

"Obviously we're very keen to speak to that van driver, as well as anyone who may have witnessed the collision."

Mr James said his client was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital at Headington, where he received treatment for a catalogue of injuries including a broken femur, broken fibia and broken tibia of the right leg, severe ligament and tendon damage of the left leg and cuts and bruises to his face.

"His legs were so swollen when he got to hospital that the surgeons could not operate immediately," said Mr James, a partner with Fentons. "It was not until a couple of days after being taken to hospital that he was able to have an operation to insert a number of pins and plates into his right leg."

The victim remained in hospital for almost a month, and he is still taking pain medication daily. The young plasterer said: "I was on such strong painkillers initially that I did not get out of bed, I could not even go to the toilet.

"When I was discharged home to my parents they had to do everything for me," he said. "Even now I find that I am stiff and in pain when I wake up in the morning, and I have relied on my crutches to get around since coming out of hospital."

Martin James said while the long-term prognosis for his client was still unknown, there was a possibility he would need a further operation on his leg. "In order to secure the care that he might need in the future, we are urging anyone who might have helpful information about the incident to come forward," he said.

"We are particularly keen to speak to the driver of the van that is thought to have flashed its lights at the green Ford Focus, to anyone who came to his aid after he was hit by the car, or anyone else who was in the area and witnessed the incident," he said.

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If you remember seeing the incident on Kennington Road, at around 5am on Saturday, 27 February 2010, please contact Martin James at Fentons Solicitors LLP on 0161 238 6483 or e-mail