Legacy of asbestos revealed in special report

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Legacy of asbestos revealed in special report

23rd November 2009

The devastating legacy of asbestos in Great Britain was the focus of a special report in The Independent on Sunday this week.

The front page story declared that exposure to asbestos is now the biggest killer in the British workforce, killing about 4,000 people every year - more than who die in traffic accidents.

According to the report, "the shocking figures are the grim legacy of the millions of tons of the dust shipped to Britain to make homes, schools, factories and offices fire resistant."

Bridget Collier, partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP who heads up the industrial disease team, welcomed the report.

"For years we have been fighting for compensation for the victims of asbestos exposure," said Bridget. "We have seen first-hand the devastation this killer substance has wreaked on families across the country.

"Although exposure to just one asbestos fibre can lead to a terminal disease such as mesothelioma, it can take many years after exposure before any related disease becomes apparent. This can make finding witnesses and information about the employers responsible very difficult, and reports of this nature can only serve to highlight the plight faced by thousands of workers across the UK."

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Source - Independent on Sunday