Lawyer makes plea for help after Oldham crossing tragedy

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Lawyer makes plea for help after Oldham crossing tragedy

11th July 2012

Lawyers representing the family of two Oldham pensioners who were hit by a car on a zebra crossing earlier this year have appealed for witnesses to come forward.

Raymond Steele, 65, and his wife Lynn were walking on a zebra crossing on Milnrow Road when they were hit by a Toyota Yaris at around 3.30pm on Monday, 16 January. Mrs Steele, 63, died from her injuries, while Mr Steele has been left blind in one eye and suffering from severe head injuries.

Specialist serious injury lawyer Richard Crabtree is now urging anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward with potentially vital information.

“The police investigation into the circumstances of the incident is ongoing, which means they are unable to release any statements or evidence collected so far,” explained Mr Crabtree, a partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP. “We urgently need to speak to witnesses ourselves so that we can begin the process of securing help for the Steeles’ daughter Sarah, who is registered blind. Not only does she have to cope with the loss of her mother, but she is also now faced with looking after her seriously injured father, whilst having just lost the support network her parents have provided – and she has relied upon - for many years.”

Mr Crabtree said that despite reports to the contrary earlier in the year, Mr Steele’s condition remains very serious and he is likely to need care and assistance in the coming months and possibly for years to come. “Whenever someone sustains a traumatic head injury, the true extent and nature of that injury can take a long time to manifest,” he said. “In this case, Mr Steele will likely need some form of continuous assistance in the future, and will likely be more reliant on his daughter Sarah.”

Mr Crabtree said that the couple had been walking hand-in-hand on the crossing when they were hit by the car. Although the driver stopped at the scene and was later interviewed by police, to date no-one has been charged with any offence.

He explained that even if witnesses had already given their accounts to police, he still needed them to get in touch with him as soon as possible. “If we are to secure the future care of Mr Steele and his family, we urgently need witnesses to come forward with their description of what happened,” he said. “We are urging anyone who might have helpful information about the incident – no matter how small or insignificant they think it might be – to get in touch.

“We are particularly keen to speak to anyone who was driving or walking in Milnrow Road that afternoon, and who might have seen the events immediately leading up to the incident,” said Mr Crabtree. “We still need to put together the whole picture of just what happened. We understand there was a crossing warden working close by, and we believe that person may have information which could prove vital in this case.

“Mr Steele and his family are still suffering the aftermath of losing their loved one,” he said. “We are hoping people will come forward and help us to secure the help they need right now and also in the future.”

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If you remember seeing the incident on Milnrow Road, Shaw, at around 3.30pm on Monday, 16 January 2012, or if you have information which you think might help, please contact Richard Crabtree at Fentons Solicitors LLP on 0161 238 6523. Alternatively please e-mail