Kitchen workers warned of oven dangers

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Kitchen workers warned of oven dangers

23rd February 2010

Workers in curry house and restaurant kitchens across the country are being urged to ensure their ovens are safe following a shocking investigation by council inspectors.

Birmingham City Council's environmental health department inspected more than 25 curry houses and takeaways, after employees at a number of restaurants suffered burns when lighting the tandoor ovens. The results were shocking, with only three of the 27 businesses hiring an engineer to service the oven - and only one of those engineers having the skills required to work on a catering oven.

Karl Tonks, a work accident specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the catering industry had particularly stringent health and safety rules to ensure the safety of all workers in the sector. "According to the investigation in Birmingham, only half of the premises they investigated were using a safe method to light the oven," said Karl. "The specific design of a tandoor oven means that the potential for injuries when lighting it is very high.

"All employers have a duty to ensure the safety of their workers, and that includes making sure all equipment has been properly serviced," he said. "I would urge anyone who is worried about the state of their oven to immediately bring it to the attention of their supervisor, or if they prefer, the council's environmental health department."

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Source - IOSH