Kia issues recall over faulty wiring

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Kia issues recall over faulty wiring

6th September 2010

Kia has become the fourth major car manufacturer to issue a recall of its vehicles due to apparent safety faults.

The South Korean car manufacturer has identified a fault in the wiring of the optional 'mood lighting' that is found around the speaker panels on the Soul, and around the door handles and the centre console in the Sorento model.

Kia Motors (UK) said it had discovered that in certain circumstances there is a chance of the wiring over-heating that could, in turn, cause a fire. Kia have apologised for any inconvenience the recall causes customers and have confirmed that no incidents of either a Soul or a Sorento actually catching fire have been reported.

Sam Harmel a defective product specialist at Fentons Solicitors LLP said: "After a similar recall of over 30,000 models in the US, Kia has evidently decided that there is a risk to the consumer. This is clearly a precautionary measure although any threat of a vehicle catching fire due to faulty wiring must obviously be taken seriously at all times."

Kia has insisted that the risk of fire is very small and would only occur under extreme circumstances. The manufacturer has contacted affected owners and is expected to replace the wiring system in the mood lighting - which flashes in time to music played over the car's sound system - free of charge in what it claims will take no longer then one hour.

In total only 73 Souls in the UK are fitted with the option, but around 476 new Sorento KX-3 models are also affected.

The recall applies to Souls sold between September 2009 and June 2010 and Sorentos sold between September 2009 and July 2010.

Despite the South Korean manufacturer having a strong safety record, the worldwide recall of 86,000 cars is the second time this month it has been forced to take such action after a minor problem with the Kia Soul's steering sparked similar measures.

"In the light of problems that have affected Toyota, BMW and Ferrari in the last few months," said Sam, a partner with the firm, "this latest recall - which has caused the Kia co-chief executive to resign - demonstrates just how seriously car manufacturers are taking customer safety and the threat of possible claims for compensation."

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Source - Yahoo