Injured woman appeals for “Good Samaritan” to come forward

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Injured woman appeals for “Good Samaritan” to come forward

2nd March 2011

A woman who suffered five breaks and four fractures to her arm in a horrific fall has appealed to the people who came to her aid to come forward.

Heidi Dodson had to undergo five hours of surgery after shattering her elbow when she tripped over a broken paving stone while walking in Forrest Lane, Stratford. Still unable to move her right arm, she is now hoping that the people who came to her assistance or witnessed the incident on 14 December will come forward and help in her fight for compensation.

"It was around 12.15pm, and I was walking my daughter to school," said Ms Dodson, 43. "She hadn't been well in the morning but she was feeling better, so my son and I decided to walk her back to school to make sure she was okay.

"Although it was bitterly cold it hadn't been snowing," she said. "As I walked along I suddenly felt my right foot catch on something and I fell down hard. I landed on my elbow, and as I hit the ground my body twisted round. It was a huge shock, and then I just felt the most excruciating pain."

Ms Dodson said she was in too much pain to stand, and sat cradling her broken arm at the side of the pavement. "That was when a passer by came over to comfort me. She was very lovely, and helped keep me calm while my son called for an ambulance," she said. "There was local postman there as well, and someone else pointed out the broken paving slab and suggested my son took photographs."

After being admitted to Newham General Hospital, Ms Dodson underwent surgery to insert a pin into her elbow. "The operation lasted five hours," she said. "My surgeon said it had taken so long because he kept finding fragments of bone in my arm."

The injury has left Ms Dodson unable to move her right arm, and now Louise Morris, a personal injury specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP, is urging the woman who came to her aid - or anyone else who saw the fall - to come forward.

"We're all far too familiar with headlines about 'compensation culture', and stories of people making compensation claims after falling over their own feet," said Miss Morris, "but the amount of pain and suffering Heidi was subjected to is beyond question. The photographs show that the pavement was in a terrible state, the very definition of an 'accident waiting to happen'."

The area around Forrest Lane is currently being redeveloped in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics, and Louise said the general state and condition of the pavement was very poor.

"Heidi is right-handed but is now unable to move her right arm," said Miss Morris. "Doctors have already warned her that even given time, the best she can hope for is to recover 75% of the movement. She will need continued help to do things in the immediate future, and if we are to secure her the compensation to help pay for that we urgently need the Good Samaritan who came to her aid that day to come forward."

Miss Morris said she was also keen to hear from a man - believed to be a local postman - who witnessed the incident, and anyone else who might have seen Ms Dodson's fall.

"If we are to help Heidi secure the financial support she will need in the future, we urgently need anyone who might have helpful information - no matter how small or insignificant they think it might be - to come forward," she said."

Can you help?
If you remember seeing Ms Dodson's fall in Forrest Lane at around 12.15pm on Tuesday 14 December 2010, please contact Louise Morris at Fentons Solicitors LLP on 0161 238 6438.

Alternatively please e-mail All information will be treated in the strictest confidence, and any detail could be hugely important to this case.