Increased payments for mesothelioma victims welcomed

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Increased payments for mesothelioma victims welcomed

16th April 2012

An increase in the amount of statutory compensation available to victims of the asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma has been welcomed by a specialist industrial disease lawyer.

Lesley Mynett, a partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said the move will make an enormous difference to those victims who have been unable to make a civil claim, and particularly to the families of those who died from the disease before making a claim.

“The new regulations came into force on 1 April this year, and mean that anyone who qualifies and is first diagnosed with mesothelioma from that date onwards will be entitled to the new amount,” she said. “It also means that anyone who qualifies and makes their application after this date - but who is unsure of the date of diagnosis - will also be entitled to the increased payment.”

Lesley said the Draft Mesothelioma Lump Sum Payments (Conditions and Amounts) [Amendment] Regulations 2012 implemented on April 1 have substantially increased the awards payable to victims.

“The increase means that someone who was under the age of 37 when first diagnosed - who would have received £52,772 under the 2008 Regulations - will now be entitled to £81,536,” she said. “An older person, aged 77 or over at time of diagnosis, will see their payments increase from £8,197 to £12,666.”

Lesley said she was particularly pleased that the amounts payable to dependants had also substantially increased.

“With posthumous claims there is no opportunity for the specialist solicitor to speak to the victim and ascertain where and when they might have been exposed to asbestos which led to their disease,” said Lesley. “The government payment becomes more important to those families, because without access to the first-hand evidence of the victim, the prospects of succeeding in a civil claim can be reduced.

“We welcome the new Regulations as they offer a greater assistance to those individuals who fall victim to this insidious disease, and to the families they leave behind.”

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