Hundreds sue after Turkish resort blamed for illness

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Hundreds sue after Turkish resort blamed for illness

15th April 2010

Hundreds of holidaymakers have launched a bid for compensation after becoming severely ill at the Turkish resort of Sarigerme.

More than 650 British tourists have already made a demand for compensation after contracting illnesses as severe as gastro-enteritis while at the four-star, all-inclusive Holiday Village Hotel resort near the Turkish village of Osmaniye.

"Some of the families involved have claimed that their illnesses were a result of food such as chicken and turkey being undercooked," said Phillipa Roberts, a holiday and travel claim specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "According to reports, many of the hotel's guests developed gastro-enteritis, salmonella, C difficile and other infections.

"Some of those affected have claimed staff left the buffet salad bar uncovered allowing flies to land on it," said Phillipa, "while others claimed disposable cups were being re-used, fresh food was mixed with food which had been standing for some time, and that staff sometimes handled raw and cooked meats without washing their hands.

"Tour operators are duty bound to ensure that accommodation is safe and hygienic for their guests, and that holidaymakers are not exposed to the risk of injury, disease, or infection," said Phillipa. "We deal with hundreds of cases every year where people have contracted some form of illness or disease while on holiday.

"People have the right to expect to enjoy their holiday without the fear of contracting what could turn out to be a serious illness. In those situations where a holiday firm fails to live up to its duty of care, it is only right that the customer is compensated."

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Source - Wigan Today