Hundreds could claim after Norovirus outbreak on luxury cruise ship

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Hundreds could claim after Norovirus outbreak on luxury cruise ship

23rd April 2010

As many as 600 passengers could have been affected by an outbreak of the Norovirus winter vomiting bug on board a luxury cruise ship, according to a lawyer specialising in holiday compensation cases.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines has been plagued by six outbreaks of the bug over the past six months, with this latest voyage - the Boudicca - being cut short in order to get passengers home early.

The 28,000 tonne Boudicca was on the final leg of a 23-night cruise to the eastern Mediterranean, but has had to cancel trips to Malta and Lisbon to dock two days ahead of schedule in Liverpool. During the cruise, the ship also made an emergency stop at Sardinia to land a passenger who had suffered a heart attack.

Katherine Allen, a holiday claims specialist at Fentons Solicitors, said that greater measures needed to be taken in order to avoid large outbreaks such as this. "Once in port cleaning staff have only two days to fumigate and deep cleanse the liner before it leaves on its next voyage," said Katherine, an associate with the firm.

"This may not be enough time to do the job thoroughly enough, and it is important that an investigation into the cause of so many outbreaks takes place.

"Passengers have been offered £100 to spend onboard to compensate for their illnesses but this is simply not enough to make up for what they have been through," she said. "Many may be entitled to greater compensation on their return to the UK."

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Source - BBC News