Holiday compensation fight as Turkish break proves no delight

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Holiday compensation fight as Turkish break proves no delight

10th November 2009

A Plymouth woman's dream holiday turned into a nightmare when she and her children were struck down with food poisoning.

The mum-of-two had booked an all-inclusive package staying at the four-star Aqua Fantasy Hotel in Kusadasi, Turkey. But just days into the holiday, the whole family became violently ill.

Phillipa Roberts, a holiday claims specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP representing the family, said they believed their illness was caused by the buffet-style food served at the resort.

"My client noticed that the food was left out standing in the heat for long periods of time," said Phillipa, "and disturbingly that birds were seemingly allowed to land on the napkins and cutlery."

"She said that stray cats - often a problem in some European countries - were clearly allowed to wander around the food, and on one occasion she even found a human hair in her food."

Just three days into the holiday, the mother started vomiting violently, suffering from a severely upset stomach and a fever, and was rushed to hospital as she started to develop pins and needles in her hands and toes.

"She remained in hospital for two nights and three days," said Phillipa. "On her return to the UK, doctors carried out tests which revealed that she had suffered from Salmonella."

Phillipa said that the woman's two children suffered similar but less severe symptoms, while another in her party had more severe symptoms and also required hospital treatment.

"As this was an all-inclusive holiday, the only food my client ate was prepared and served at the hotel," said Phillipa.

"Tour operators have a duty to ensure that holidaymakers' accommodation is safe and hygienic, and that they are not exposed to the risk of injury, disease, or infection," she said.

"As we pursue a claim for compensation against the tour operator in this case, I would be very interested in hearing from anyone else who has suffered similar symptoms whilst staying at the Aqua Fantasy Hotel in Kusadasi, either in September this year or at any time in the last few months."

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