Have-a-go hero calls for law change after compensation settlement

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Have-a-go hero calls for law change after compensation settlement

5th October 2015

A father-of-two has called for a change in the law after burglars who nearly killed him avoided paying out compensation for his injuries.

Daniel Mankelow, 34, was knocked down and left for dead by a getaway car as he chased intruders from his Epping home.

Mr Mankelow, a recruitment consultant, was left with severe injuries including multiple leg fractures, head injuries and psychology trauma from the incident.

His attackers were quickly caught and charged with burglary but not attempted murder or grievous bodily harm, despite the CPS having witness statements and DNA evidence.

The gang of four - Hayley Balkwill, Bruno Motas, Keiron Francis and Waseem Akhtar – were convicted of burglary at Chelmsford Crown Court in May 2012 but none of them received a sentence of more than two-and-a-half years.

Mr Mankelow launched a civil claim against the group but was stunned to discover he could not claim compensation from his attackers because they were not insured.

He has since been awarded £27,000 for his injuries from the Motor Insurers' Bureau but has now called for a change in the law to force uninsured drivers to pay compensation.

He said: “I think it is disgraceful that this group of criminals has not only got away with running me over but they have also dodged liability for paying out compensation.

“I was devastated when the CPS dropped the attempted murder and aggravated assault charge but this makes it even worse for us.

“The compensation we have received comes from the MIB which means honest taxpayers are footing the bill for criminals.

“I would like to see a change in the law which would force criminals to pay back this money on future earning to make them truly accountable for their actions.”

Mr Mankelow was at home in Beaconfield Road, Epping, when he and his young family were woken in the middle of the night on 23 March 2011 by noises from downstairs.

He went down to find two men in his kitchen who he chased into the street, only to be mown down and left for dead by their accomplices in a getaway car.

His wife and daughters found him unconscious and bleeding outside their home, and he was in hospital for six weeks before coming home with permanent disabilities and a metal rod running from his ankle to his knee.
Three years on and Mr Mankelow admits his family are now being forced to move home due to the long term psychology impact of the burglary.

He said: “The driver of the getaway car deliberately ran me over and left me for dead and that’s after they tried burgling my house but they did not receive the punishment I would have expected.

“My family has continued to suffer because of this intrusion, my kids are scared to go upstairs alone, my wife has suffered with depression and I have needed counseling for my anger issues.

“We have now decided to move as I hope a new start will help the children move on but I am very angry that these criminals have driven us out of our home.”

Mr Mankelow’s was awarded claim for compensation from the car’s insurers to pay for counselling for him and his family.

His lawyer, Liz Dux, of Slater & Gordon, said: “Mr Mankelow suffered horrific injuries whilst trying to protect his own property from a gang of intruders. Whilst he is relived to have recovered compensation for his serious injuries from the Motor Insurers bureau, it is still wrong that those who committed such an act of brutality will not be forced to realise the serious repercussions of their actions or to suffer themselves in any way financially for the harm they have caused.

“His family have been all severely effected and they can no longer live in their own home in peace. The insurance industry should take a tougher line on individuals who commit such acts.”


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