Ferrari recalls latest model after spate of reported fires

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Ferrari recalls latest model after spate of reported fires

2nd September 2010

Ferrari has decided to recall all of the 1,248 cars of the 458 Italia model it has produced up to August this year, following reports that a number of the luxury cars had caught fire.

The Italian car manufacturer launched an investigation last month after several photos purporting to show 458 Italia models either ablaze or totally burnt out were posted to the internet.

Ferrari said its engineers had flown around the world to investigate reports of 'thermal incidents' with five of the cars reported as having burst into flames since leaving the company's factory at Maranello near Bologna, northern Italy.

Sam Harmel, a defective product specialist with Fentons Solicitors LLP said: "Mounting concerns over these photos have prompted Ferrari to act. This recall is a clear indication that Ferrari are rightfully taking this matter very seriously indeed."

Incidents of the supercars catching fire have been reported in California, Paris, China and Switzerland. None have taken place in Britain.

The fault is understood to involve the glue used to secure the wheel arch lining to the car's chassis. According to Ferrari, on particularly hot days - when the car has been driven for a sustained period of time at high speed - the glue has been overheating. In extreme cases, the melting of the adhesive can lead the heat shield - the liner which protects the engine - to deform and move closer to the exhaust, causing the lining to catch fire.

The recall involves 1,248 cars in all, including around 50 in Britain. Those who bought their cars before July 2010 have been asked to bring them in for modification to replace the adhesive with mechanical fasteners.

The handful of owners who first reported the fires - whose cars were later confirmed to have ignited due to this problem - will now receive a new model, Ferrari said.

Although this is not the first recall in Ferrari's history, it is especially embarrassing for the company which only began producing the car at the start of the year.

The move is the latest in a line of recalls following BMW announcing a worldwide recall of 122,000 motorcycles after discovering a leak in the braking system earlier this year, and the Toyota crisis which ultimately led to the recall of 8.5 million vehicles worldwide after widely reported accelerator and braking faults.

"This latest recall underlines the continued need for rigorous safety checks on all vehicles and components," said Sam, a partner with the firm. "It is fortunate for Ferrari that there were no serious injuries associated with anyone driving one of these five cars when they caught fire."

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Source - The Telegraph