Fentons welcomes reduction in work injury deaths

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Fentons welcomes reduction in work injury deaths

30th June 2009

New figures released by the Health and Safety Executive have revealed that the average number of work-related fatal injuries for 2008/09 has decreased (see HSE website).

Bridget Collier, a partner with personal injury specialists Fentons Solicitors LLP, welcomed this reduction in the number - but she warned that too many people were still being put at risk in the workplace.

"While the statistics show a significant decrease compared to the average rate for the last five years, 180 workers lost their lives last year," said Bridget. "Although this is less than in previous years, it's still an unacceptably high number of people who are dying through no fault of their own - all they did was go to work.

"We handle hundreds of accidents at work claims here at Fentons every year, and unfortunately we have seen lives lost and families torn apart by fatal accidents in the workplace. We continue to fight for justice on behalf of those lost lives and their families," she said.

Source - HSE

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