Fentons' solicitors join Association of Child Abuse Lawyers

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Fentons' solicitors join Association of Child Abuse Lawyers

6th December 2011

Two solicitors specialising in handling claims on behalf of abuse victims have been accepted as members of the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers (ACAL).

Mark Hatzer and Angela Dobbs, both partners with Fentons Solicitors LLP, head up the Victims of Abuse department at the firm.

“Visiting a solicitor can often be intimidating for anyone, but for someone who has been abused it can be particularly daunting,” said Mark. “ACAL was set up by the leading solicitors in this field to try and make the relationship between the victim and their lawyer as comfortable as possible.

“By joining the Association, we’re demonstrating our commitment to helping those children affected by physical, sexual or emotional abuse and adults abused in childhood obtain compensation, as well as others directly or indirectly affected by that abuse,” he said. “We will also help our clients by securing counselling and support, together with any expert medical help they may need.”

ACAL is also committed to improving standards amongst personal injury lawyers involved in these types of compensation claim. “Our department is vastly experienced in handling sensitive cases, and joining ACAL will enable us to discuss issues affecting our clients with the most experienced and respected experts in the country,” said Mark. “This is the latest step in our undertaking to deliver the best possible advice and legal help to our clients,” said Mark.

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Fentons has a specialist department experienced in handling claims relating to victims of sexual and physical abuse.

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