Explosion underlines importance of machinery maintenance

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Explosion underlines importance of machinery maintenance

14th April 2010

The case of a worker who miraculously survived an explosion at a Manchester rubber factory has reinforced the importance of machinery maintenance.

Karl Tonks, a workplace accident legal specialist, said the man was lucky to escape when a machine exploded, ripping through the factory and sending an iron girder crashing onto his workbench.

"The circumstances of the incident are quite remarkable," said Karl, a partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP. "Apparently, the man had left his workstation to make himself a coffee, and a high pressure machine used to manufacture rubber rollers exploded as he made his way back."

The middle-aged Manchester worker was blown off his feet by the blast, which also lifted the factory roof and sent a five-foot long girder flying through the air. He sustained chest and arm injuries in the incident. "If he'd have been working in his usual place, the consequences could have been much worse," said Karl.

The rubber company, which pleaded guilty to breaching safety regulations by failing to arrange a routine inspection of the machine and also failing to maintain it, was fined £10,000 at Trafford Magistrates' Court. The Health and Safety Executive also issued 12 Prohibition Notices banning the use of other machines after inspectors visited the factory.

"This worker was lucky to escape with his life," said Karl. "Incidents like this underline the importance of regular machine maintenance, which is why there are strict regulations in place."

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Source - IOSH