Expert urges caution as Britainís danger roads revealed

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Expert urges caution as Britainís danger roads revealed

30th June 2010

A new study has revealed that half of all fatal road crashes occur on just one-tenth of Britain's roads.

The Road Safety Foundation's report - which covers 28,000 miles of A-roads and motorways - concludes that Scotland's roads pose the highest risk, followed by roads in parts of northern England.

But Deborah Johnson, a specialist in fatal road collisions with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said while the research made interesting reading it should not be misinterpreted. "According to the research, the A537 between Macclesfield and Buxton is the country's most dangerous road," she said. "While the statistics may support these claims, it's important that motorists on all roads make sure they are driving with the necessary care and attention at all times.

"There's always a danger when a list of this nature is published that drivers can become complacent, saying to themselves: 'Well I never travel on that road.' But our experience unfortunately shows that any road can be dangerous - whether it's on this list or not."

The Road Safety Foundation - the British arm of the European Road Assessment Programme - published the study in an effort to encourage government spending to be targeted at improving safety on the most dangerous roads.

"The report suggests the high cost of emergency services and hospitals could be avoided by spending small sums in accident blackspots," said Deborah, a partner with the firm. "While this would certainly help in those notorious areas, it would be of little benefit to the thousands of other drivers who are seriously or fatally injured on other roads," she said.

Deborah, a trustee with road safety charity Brake, said she hoped the list would draw attention to the staggering number of fatal road accidents across the UK, rather than just highlight specific roads to watch out for.

"We work every day with the victims and families of those killed in road crashes and know only too well that all roads can be dangerous if a driver is not paying the proper attention, obeying the speed limit, or is under the influence of drink or drugs," she said. "While we welcome any calls for improving road safety, we would also encourage all drivers to play their part and make sure they follow the rules of the road."

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Source - BBC News