Erdington woman hit by car on 60th birthday appeals for witnesses

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Erdington woman hit by car on 60th birthday appeals for witnesses

19th February 2013

An Erdington woman who was left seriously injured after being hit by a car whilst crossing the road on her 60th birthday has appealed for witnesses to the incident to come forward.

Bernadette Harnett was in hospital for three months after the incident, which occurred as she made her way across the A34 Walsall Road at Perry Barr at around 8pm on Tuesday, 28 August last year. She suffered a catalogue of injuries including broken ribs, a cracked pelvis, a punctured lung and she had to undergo a tracheotomy to enable her to breathe through a ventilator.

Now Mrs Harnett, who lives in Kenneth Grove with husband Tom, is pleading for any witnesses to the incident to come forward as she continues in her fight for justice.

“I had been to the One Stop shopping centre with my sister that day, to do some shopping and buy a few bits and pieces,” said Mrs Harnett. “As it was my birthday, we’d had a couple of drinks to celebrate, and we were on our way home. It was only early – about 8 o’clock - and as usual we’d caught the number 51 bus.

“We got off the bus on Walsall Road and walked up to where there’s a gap in the bushes in the central reservation,” she said. “This is a normal crossing point for a lot of local people, and we wanted to get to the bus stop on the other side of the road.

“We waited a few minutes for a gap in the traffic,” said Mrs Harnett. “I started to cross, and had almost reached the other side of the road when I just felt and sensed there was a car really close to me. The next thing I knew it had hit me and I was thrown forwards. I hit the wing mirror, but that’s all I remember.”

The driver stopped at the scene and Mrs Harnett was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Edgbaston. She remained there for three months as she recovered from her injuries.

Rose Gibson, a specialist serious injuries lawyer, is now representing Mrs Harnett in her claim for compensation against the driver’s insurance company.

“Mrs Harnett suffered horrific injuries and has been left scarred and in pain following her ordeal,” said Mrs Gibson, a partner with Fentons Solicitors LLP. “As well as the obvious pain and suffering she endured, she has also been robbed of much of her independence. She had no mobility problems before this incident, but now she relies on her loving husband Tom, who visited her every day for the months she was in hospital,  to help with her personal care and help her get around.”

The driver who collided with Mrs Harnett stopped at the scene, and police who investigated the incident determined there was no criminal prosecution to pursue. But Mrs Gibson said that as Mrs Harnett’s injuries have had such a huge impact on her life, further investigation is needed as to exactly what happened.

“It was a lovely summer’s evening, and there were a lot of people in the area,” she said. “We are not sure all the witnesses have spoken to the police, and we’re hoping anyone who saw what happened will get in touch and help us get the full picture as we try to secure Mrs Harnett the compensation that will help her move on from this ordeal.”

Can you help? If you remember seeing the incident on the A34 Walsall Road – at Perry Barr - at around 8pm on Tuesday 28 August 2012, or if you have information which you think might help, please contact Rose Gibson at Fentons Solicitors LLP on 0844 893 6757. Alternatively please e-mail Even if someone has already spoken with the police, their information could be very helpful to Mrs Harnett’s case, and all information will be treated in strict confidence.