Drivers warned to take extra care at level crossings

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Drivers warned to take extra care at level crossings

11th March 2010

Calls to reinforce the dangers of railway level crossings in the theory test for learner drivers have been echoed by road traffic collision specialists at Fentons Solicitors.

Rail bosses claimed this week that lives would be saved if motorists learned how to use level crossings safely from the day they passed their test. The move was welcomed by Deborah Johnson, a specialist in fatal road traffic collisions and trustee of the road safety charity BRAKE.

"We have just seen newly-released figures which show the extent of recklessness on our level-crossings," said Deborah, a partner at the firm. "There were more than 3,000 incidents of people either dodging round the barriers or racing through the red lights at crossings last year alone, with 13 people losing their lives.

"There were also 140 reported near-misses," she said. "At an average of three such incidents a week, motorists are too often paying scant regard to their safety and the safety of their passengers. Anything that draws attention to the danger of level crossings early in a driver's life can only be a good thing."

Network Rail has recently stepped up its safety campaign, with TV and radio adverts featuring slogans like 'Don't Run The Risk' and 'Would It Kill You To Wait?'

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Source - Sky News