Donít let a good time ruin your holiday, warns expert

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Donít let a good time ruin your holiday, warns expert

19th July 2010

An expert in holiday accident claims has issued a warning reminding tourists to watch their alcohol intake while enjoying their summer vacation.

Katherine Allen, head of Travel and International Litigation at Fentons Solicitors LLP, said that every year people suffer injuries while on holiday because they have drunk too much.

"Nobody is saying we should not enjoy ourselves on holiday," said Katherine, an associate with the firm, "but we do see cases involving people sustaining serious injuries after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. People are more likely to fall over, wander into roads or end up with the so-called 'mystery injury' the morning after a night of heavy holiday drinking.

Katherine's warning came as thousands prepare to jet off for their summer holiday and take advantage of the recent hot weather. She said it was important to remember a few very basic things when travelling abroad.

"Many European resorts - particularly in Mediterranean countries - have a more relaxed attitude to drinks measures," she said. "You could have one drink that has three or four times the usual amount of alcohol you would expect to receive in the UK. It's surprisingly easy to think you've only had a couple of drinks, but in fact you've had the equivalent of many more."

Katherine also said it was important to factor in the weather when drinking, particularly through the day. "If you are in a hot country and drink a lot of alcohol, the chances are you will become dehydrated very quickly," she said. "It's important to remember to drink lots of water throughout the day, as well as when in bars at night. The combination of sun and alcohol can have a dramatic effect on your body."

Another piece of advice was to stay together as a group. "Many of our clients have started the night as part of a group, but decided to head back to their hotel or villa once they began feeling a little worse for wear," said Katherine. "It is when people are left alone that they are most at risk of being injured in an accident, so you should always make sure that anyone wishing to return to their room is escorted safely there."

Katherine said the final piece of advice was also the most important. "It may sound obvious, but in the event of someone suffering an injury while on holiday, it's vital that you seek medical attention immediately," she said. "All too often, people will injure themselves but insist they're fine and go to bed to sleep off the drink. That is hugely dangerous, as a potentially serious injury could go undetected for a number of hours.

"Failure to see a doctor immediately could lead to the injury becoming substantially worse, and in the most severe cases could be life-threatening," said Katherine. "We want everyone to enjoy their holiday, but the main thing is that everyone comes home safely at the end of their break."

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