Check your holiday accommodation, warns specialist

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Check your holiday accommodation, warns specialist

8th March 2010

With the number of accidents occurring on holiday continuing to climb, one legal specialist has reminded tourists to be on the lookout when they first arrive at their holiday destination.

Katherine Allen, holiday and travel expert with Fentons Solicitors LLP, said most holidaymakers are so excited to finally arrive at their accommodation that they might not think to watch for potential hazards.

"Travelling abroad can be very exciting, particularly for children and young families," said Katherine, an associate with Fentons. "While it is understandable to want to drop off baggage and immediately explore your new surroundings, holidaymakers should try to spend a few minutes checking their accommodation thoroughly when they arrive," she said.

"Switch on all electrical items and make sure they're working properly, ensure the doors and windows all lock and open easily, and familiarise yourself with the fire exits and evacuation procedures," she said. "It only takes a few minutes, and can help to easily identify any potential problems before anyone is seriously injured."

Katherine said there were a number of other things to watch out for, such as slippery floors, sharp corners on furniture and any items that are broken or damaged that could potentially cause harm.

"Knowing these things can help to avoid unnecessary injury, which can not only cause pain and heartache but can also spoil an expensive family break," she said. "Obviously accidents do happen, but taking just a few minutes to check your new surroundings when you first arrive anywhere can help to reduce the risks."

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