Car insurance rises are stark reminder for young drivers

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Car insurance rises are stark reminder for young drivers

13th October 2010

An expert in road traffic collisions has said the record jump in the cost of car insurance should act as a stark reminder to younger drivers to be more careful, cautious and considerate on the roads.

Figures due to be published by motoring organisation the AA show the biggest increase in the cost of car insurance since it first began tracking the market - and younger drivers are bearing the brunt of the rise.

"Younger drivers can expect to see their premiums increase by as much as 47 per cent," said Deborah Johnson, head of the serious and fatal road collisions department at Fentons Solicitors LLP and Secretary to the Board of Trustees of road safety charity BRAKE. "This massive increase in insurance costs is being blamed on a surge in claims for injuries sustained in accidents, which unfortunately continue to affect a frightening proportion of younger drivers."

According to a recent study conducted by Cardiff University's department of primary care, one in five new motorists crashes within six months of passing their driving test. Male drivers in the UK aged 17-20 are seven times more at risk of fatal accidents than their older peers.

"The research states reasons why they are such a high risk on our roads include an obvious lack of experience," said Deborah, a partner with the firm. "They are also often over-confident and prone to thrill-seeking, which can lead to riskier driving and over-estimating their ability to avoid hazards."

According to the AA figures, young male drivers can now expect to pay average insurance costs of £2,457, almost double the premiums offered to young women.

"It is widely documented that young men are twice as likely to be involved in serious incidents as young women," said Deborah. "The knock-on effect of this is that as more people are involved in serious collisions, driving becomes almost unaffordable for even the most careful young drivers, while also being a significant burden for those who can actually meet the costs.

"We can only hope that this massive increase - which will clearly hit a substantial percentage of young drivers in the pocket - will act as a stark reminder that they need to drive with more care and attention," said Deborah. "If we can help save lives by showing young drivers that careful driving can save money, then that can only be a good thing."

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